John Blaszczyk senior Canadian artist Cobble Hill British Columbia 2016

Welcome to the John Blaszczyk 2016 Website. I am an artist from Cobble Hill British Columbia, Canada. Here I will keep you up to date as to what I am doing artistically. I hope that this site will serve as a portfolio of my past work through the years. I will share with you some thoughts and feelings about the direction I am taking.

Fast forward to July 2016. Life is again transforming. This process of creation or way of seeing has become hyper-dimensional and strangely euphoric. I might as well enjoy this ride. My actions and thoughts have been consciously directed positive and I feel the karma rebounding with rewards. I really feel happy.

I have stepped out of the studio to take a break from painting and with Joanna to look at the garden. The garden has always been a calming place place for me. I love water and the sound it makes, rocks, lights, color and I love the warmth of summer. Joanna does a big big job of starting all our annuals from seed starting in January so come May there is a lot of planting going on, mostly by Joanna. I like to do the landscaping and am presently reworking the front. I am putting in a water feature at the bottom and using the sloping contour to run a brook from a cascading pond at the top. At the same time removing the tired lawn and replenishing the top soil and reseeding the lawn. Also introducing pathways were we can keep our feet dry during the winter months.

So I am in a three dimensional mind frame, good. My thoughts are to do a three dimensional work in metal, glass, plaster, with robotics, LED and EL lights. It will be a combination of abstract as well as realistic forms and presented as a vignette. Hopefully I wish to introduce satire to poke fun at our increasingly frenzied lifestyles. I will likely get started on this piece later in the summer after I reach a satisfactory resolution to the front yard.

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